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Sham Chung DD


Sham Chung is from a dentist family and has more than 20 years’ practice experience in the dental industry. He received extensive onsite practice in his father’s dental office since teenager, and he decided to become a professional in the dental industry in the future.

After all the onsite practice with the dentist, he chose to focus on denture area and become a denturist. Sham attended Trillium College and received his license in 2012.

Sham Chung DD has creative hands and eyes on details, which is important to select the right type of teeth, help patients to get the confidence in smile. Extensive experienced in working with patients who suffer from teeth lost, and finding the best fit denture or implant solution.

“My goal is to provide our patient the finest quality denture care and help them to build the healthy life style.” – Sham


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Naila Awan R.D.H

Registered Dental Hygienist

Naila Awan is experienced dental hygienist who has 10 years of experience practicing in the dental office.

Naila completed the Dental Hygiene Program in Oxford College, also a active member of the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (CDHO) and Ontario Dental Hygiene Association (ODHA).

She is very professional, responsible and dedicated to her job, also friendly, enthusiastic to educate you on how to take care for your oral hygiene.

She is a great addition to our team in Sham’s denture clinic. Education, prevention and understanding her client’s individual needs on achieving beautiful smile, confidence and optimal oral hygiene are always her goals.

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Sham Chung Denture Clinic

Our Denture clinic located at the 647 McCowan Road provides affordable and high quality dentures to help promote oral health and a beautiful smile. Our denturist and clinic committed to patient care and believes in providing a professional, comfortable and caring service.

During your appointments with us, we will work together with you to find out the best option for your dentures.

During the consultation, we listen carefully to determine what you need and expected, design and deliver a customized treatment plan that suit your needs.  Unlike a dentist who sends the dentures away to a dental labs or dental technician to be made, our denturist will not only see you as a patient, but will actually fix or make your new dentures for you in house. Our clinic has the laboratory space to build your dentures out of plastic or porcelain and fire them in a high temperature furnace, which makes them stronger. We will choose the color of your denture from a color chart and will have access to materials that can make realistic smiles to restore your confidence. Once the material is ready a number of electric tools are used to shape the false teeth like drills and lathes. The finishing touches are usually done by hand tool.

We are determined to help you with all of your new denture needs.  We can also help you with your denture repairs. We focus on the number one priority which is YOU. So come visit us and let us work together to create your happy smile.